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15. October, 2014
We are now Elisa Videra
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14. April, 2014
Information about OpenSSL Heartbleed vulnerability CVE-2014-0160
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Elisa Videra brings people together

Elisa Videra offers services solely related to visual communications. Advanced video conferencing and digital signage services open up completely new dimensions for your business, whilst enhancing the efficiency of your company's operations at the same time.

The value added by providing high-standard video conferencing equipment can be seen, for example, in reduced travel-related costs and more efficient working. Video conferencing services enable you to keep easily in contact with customers, partners and colleagues working at different locations - regardless place or time.

Digital Signage enables you to attract the attention of your target group more efficiently than traditional methods. Combined with our flexible content management system, Digital Signage achieves fast results for your campaign.

Videra's advantage with our video conferencing and Digital Signage service's is a fully comprehensive service process that includes space and room design, equipment, installation, maintenance and support services. All in one agreement!